Uniquely Nagoya! Why is the “Ankake Spaghetti” so alluring?

Ankake Spaghetti Ankake Spaghetti Ankake Spaghetti Ankake Spaghetti Ankake Spaghetti Ankake Spaghetti Ankake Spaghetti Ankake Spaghetti Ankake Spaghetti

What is "Ankake Spaghetti"?

The dish consists of extra thick noodles that have been fried in lard and is usually served with a thick sauce, a spicy and peppery paste known as bean paste.

Main Ingredient List

  • Extra-thick noodles
  • Ketchup
  • Black pepper
  • Onion
  • Green pepper
  • Wieners

Average Price

JPY 1,000

It leaves the consumer fully satisfied and happy!

The “Ankake Spaghetti” is also deceptive. It might not look like much but it packs a punch!
There are three major elements that define an “Ankake Spaghetti” dish.
Firstly, the noodles are "extra thick". At 2.2 mm in diameter, they are 30% thicker than ordinary spaghetti.
Secondly, boiled noodles would have to be cooked in a lot of lard. This is the most important factor that creates the volume of the noodles.
Thirdly, there is an option for you to enjoy it with bold toppings and to add on extra noodles, depending on oneʼs own preference. Most restaurants offer up these options for consumers and to enjoy the dish better.
It remains a popular favourite with young men!

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Let us take a closer look at what makes the Ankake Spaghetti so special.

Even the Italians were amazed!


2.2 mm in DiameterEXTRA THICK NOODLES

The noodles used in “Ankake Spaghetti” are extra thick and they are usually 2.2m in diameter. The sauce is unique, but it is the extra-thick noodles that differentiates the “Ankake Spaghetti” from its predecessors.



The extra-thick noodles have been boiled and fried in lard. It is definitely an exciting dish to enjoy if you can overlook the excessive use of oil.


Extra PepperSPICY

The unique sauce with meat has a lot of pepper in it and can be rather addictive. There is a base flavour which is tomato and is well loved by many who enjoy this dish thoroughly.


Ingredient CombinationLIMITLESS

Onions, green peppers, sausages, mushrooms, and bacon are the main ingredients. Fried shrimps and hamburger steaks are also popular add-ons for those who love a bigger and more appetizing plate of “Ankake Spaghetti”. Seafood can be added too!

Ankake Spaghetti Restaurants
(Nagoya Local Food Specialities)


TOP3 Ankake Spaghetti RestaurantsKarametei

This dish is known as "Ankake Spaghetti"

Apparently, the owner himself has had no experience in cooking and yet, he ...

TOP3 Ankake Spaghetti Restaurants

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