Uniquely Nagoya! Why is the “Tebasaki” so alluring?

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What is "Tebasaki"?

Imagine a dish of succulent fried chicken wings, but this time, the wing tips are the focus. Tebasaki wing tips are seasoned with a mix of spices, sesame seeds and a sweet and spicy sauce.

Main Ingredient List

  • Chicken wings
  • Salt and pepper
  • Soy sauce
  • Sesame

Average Price

JPY 500(5 pieces)

Enjoy them with a chilled glass of beer! An Izakaya-style Nagoya-meshi!

Tebasaki remains a highly popular dish, and is a favorite Nagoya-meshi at Izakaya. It is the perfect snack to enjoy with beer and many other drinks. Tebasaki is flavourful, usually slightly crispy and is a wonderful dish to pair up with other food items. It has a distinctive taste and can be rather addictive. It is an appetizing dish due to a signature mix of spices, pepper and flavourful seasoning. In Nagoya, Tebasaki is always sought-after and remains a highly desirable dish at many restaurants!

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Nagoya’s most famous “Tebasaki”! Key points to note!

Top 4 pointers to enjoying Tebasaki!


Tebasaki Pepper SpiceIntense!

A perfect combination of spicy pepper and sweet sauce brings about a full and distinctive aroma to the Tebasaki dish. Sesame seeds are sprinkled all over the wing tips for an added zest!


Tebasaki and BeerEssential!

Most types of alcohol pair up really well with Tebasaki!
In fact, beer remains a popular beverage choice!
Choose your favourite tipple and enjoy Tebasaki delightfully!


Types of TebasakiFried or Boiled

The popular way of preparing Tebaski is deep-fying the wing tips, resulting in crispy and tasty Tebasaki. Another way of preparing this dish would be to braise them to perfection. Depending on how you would like to enjoy your Tebasaki, you can choose from either option indicated on the menu.


Tebasaki TakeawaySnacks and Souveniers

Tebasaki are popular items featured in gatherings and parties. Most stores offer them for takeaway, so do take your time to discover the most convenient places essential to your travelling routes. Celebrate in style with Tebasaki!

Tebasaki Restaurants
(Nagoya Local Food Specialities)

TOP3 Tebasaki Restaurants

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