Uniquely Nagoya! Why is the “Nagoya Cochin” so alluring?

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What is "Nagoya Cochin"?

“Nagoya Cochin” is one of Japan's most famous local chickens, produced in the Aichi Prefecture.
It is characterized by its firm and elastic flesh.
The eggs are also darker in color and richer in flavor.

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  • Nagoya Cochin

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A luxurious ingredient used in a variety of chicken dishes.

“Nagoya Cochin” is used in a variety of chicken dishes.
Examples of chicken dishes include the yakitori, nabe, oyakodon, tebasaki, karaage, basically any other dish that uses chicken!
The egg yolks are also used in the creation of cookies and puddings, which are popular souvenirs.
“Nagoya Cochin” is not a chicken that people in Nagoya and Aichi eat on a daily basis, but rather a luxurious chicken that is eaten during special occasions.
The price tag of a dish of “Nagoya Cochin” is usually significantly higher due to the stringent guidelines imposed upon the management of the chickens.

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Nagoya's famous "Nagoya Cochin" is Nagoya's pride and is a superior local chicken.

Here are some of the reasons differentiating the “Nagoya Cochin” from the ordinary chicken.


Strict quality control in Nagoya and Aichi

Only the chickens that have been raised under strict guidelines in Aichi Prefecture are recognized and honored as the "Nagoya Cochin”, the pride and joy of its residents.

Nagoya Cochin

The elasticity of meat is the most important factor

The greatest characteristic of “Nagoya Cochin” is the firm texture and elasticity of the meat.
The texture of the meat will differentiate the “Nagoya Kochin” from an ordinary breed.
It is truly a distinguishing factor.

Nagoya Cochin

The egg yolk has a rich flavor

The “Nagoya Cochin” is renowned for delicious meat as well as its eggs.
The yolks might be smaller in size but the color and richness of the yolks are exceptionally darker and usually more dense.
The egg yolks are used not only to create delicious omelets and oyako-don, they are also used to make puddings and cookies.

Nagoya Cochin

A luxury, only for special occasions

The “Nagoya Cochin” is a luxury chicken.
It is not consumed on a daily basis.
We strongly recommend you to experience and enjoy this superior chicken in Nagoya!

Nagoya Cochin

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