Uniquely Nagoya! Why is the “Curry Udon” so alluring?

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What is "Curry Udon"?

Curry Udon is a delicious dish of Japanese Udon noodles in a curry broth. Unlike other regions, Nagoyaʼs Curry Udon is an authentic dish with a signature curry broth that appeals with its flavourful spices.

Main Ingredient List

  • Curry roux
  • Chicken broth
  • Udon noodles
  • Thin fried tofu
  • Japanese leek
  • Pork
  • Boiled fish paste

Average Price

JPY 1,000

Nagoyaʼs Curry Udon!

Curry Udon is enjoyed by most Japanese. However, Nagoyaʼs Curry Udon displays certain characteristics that differentiates it from others. Firstly, extra thick noodlesare used.
Secondly, the curry broth is an authentic broth cooked with flavourful spices. It is also a thickened curry broth that appeals to those living in Nagoya.
Thirdly, the soup is the same soup stock used in a bowl of ramen dish which is chicken soup stock.
Finally, the main ingredients that make up the signature Nagoya Curry Udon are fried tofu, green onions, pork and fish paste.

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We want the world to know about the authentic Nagoya Curry Udon!

Nagoyaʼs Curry Udon


Thickness of NoodlesEXTRA THICK

The noodles used in the Nagoya Curry Udon are extra thick. The noodles are also firm and chewy and is a delightful dish to be enjoyed by everyone visiting Nagoya!

noodles used in the Nagoya Curry Udon

Curry Powder with SpicesAUTHENTIC

The curry in Nagoya's Curry Udon is unique. It is extra flavourful with spices and is both exciting and delicious!

Curry Powder with Spices


The curry broth is diluted with chicken broth. It is a similar broth found in the popular ramen dish.

chicken broth


The basic ingredients are fried tofu, pork, green onions, and fish paste. In addition to these, some restaurants also offer a variety of toppings, such as fried eggplant, tempura, cheese, and eggs for a more enjoyable experience!

Curry Udon Restaurants
(Nagoya Local Food Specialities)


TOP3 Curry Udon RestaurantsSYACHI-ICHI

Hot curry noodles cooked in an earthenware pot or “donabe”

Usually, a bowl of curry udon in Japan is served in a regular bowl.
H ...

TOP3 Curry Udon Restaurants

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