Uniquely Nagoya!
Why is the “Ogura Toast” so alluring?

What is “Ogura Toast” ?

It is actually toast with butter topped with a generous amount of Ogura paste.

Main Ingredient List

  • Toast
  • Ogura paste
  • Butter

Average Price

JPY 400 - JPY 1,000

The Ogura Toast is a staple on every breakfast menu!

Many coffeeshops in Nagoya serve it as it remains a popular breakfast item!
The first Ogura toast first appeared in a coffeeshop in 1990 and since then, it has become the breakfast toast of Nagoya!
Many tourist have come to love it as much as the people in Nagoya do!

Let us track the evolution of the Nagoya Ogura Toast!

We will introduce the various types in this presentation.

Ogura Toast

The Basics of the Nagoya Ogura Toast


The toast is usually served with butter and Ogura.
Some coffeeshops serve the butter and anko separately, it varies from shop to shop.

Nagoya Ogura Sandwich

The Nagoya Ogura Sandwich


Some restaurants prefer to use pieces of toast and sandwich the anko inside, resulting in an Ogura sandwich instead!

The Evolution!


Today, they are many types of the Nagoya Ogura Toast presented in so many different ways It will be an exciting journey for fans of the Ogura Toast! Visit every coffeeshop to enjoy the various forms of this popular toast!

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