Nagoya Meshi Restaurants

The locals have been in love with their own unique food in Nagoya.
Now it is called “Nagoya Meshi” and it finally came into the spotlight in Japan.
It is a must to try some “Nagoya Meshi”, outstanding Nagoya local food specialities when you visit Nagoya!



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Nagoya Meshi Restaurants

The locals have been in love with their own unique food in Nagoya.
Now it is called “Nagoya Meshi” and it finally came into the spotlight in Japan.
It is a must to try some “Nagoya Meshi”, outstanding Nagoya local food specialities when you visit Nagoya!

We’ve selected three restaurants to introduce you to the best of each cuisine.

Famous Hitsumabushi Restaurants

What is Hitsumabushi?

Atsuta Houraiken

Atsuta Houraiken

A long-established eel restaurant established in 1873 showcasing the legacy of its Hitsumabushi

Atsuta Houraiken is renowned in Nagoya and retains its top popularity spot simply because the restaurant also pioneered the original style of eating unagi!
If you have some time, please visit Atsuta Houraiken and enjoy its well-loved Hitsumabushi today!

Recommended dish

Atsuta Houraiken's famous

Hitsumabushi - ¥3,990 (including tax)

Hitsumabushi is made by artisans who have perfected the art of handling high-quality eels.
They have mastered the style of grilling this type of eel over binchotan charcoal.
The flavourful sauce with a 140-year history completes the lovely meal.

Today, the immense popularity of Atsuta Houraiken is testament to the legacy of its exceptional Hitsumabushi, unrivalled and inimatable.

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Famous Tebasaki Restaurants

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Famous Kishimen Restaurants

What is Kishimen?

Sohonke Ebisuya Honten

Sohonke Ebisuya Honten

Showcasing handmade noodles by preserving tradition and legacies from the Edo period,

The most distinctive feature of the Ebisuya is the retention of traditional Nagoya noodle making methods and generational techniques.
Firstly, the handmade noodles are created by mixing wheat flour and salt water.
Secondly, the sauce is unique to Nagoya, a unique blend of "muroaji" broth and "tamari" soy sauce, made from soybeans.
Here you can enjoy specialty udon noodles, iconic to Nagoya.

Recommended dish


Kishimen - ¥800 (including tax)

At Ebisuya, the kishimen noodles are flat noodles which is only unique to Nagoya.
As you already know, these are handmade noodles made from scratch by the chef himself.
The soup stock is derived from a fish called “muroaji”, resulting in a recognisable flavour that belongs only to the region of Nagoya.

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Famous Miso Nikomi Udon Restaurants

What is Miso Nikomi Udon?

Yamamotoya Honten

Yamamotoya Honten

The residents of Nagoya will always recommend "Yamamoto-ya Honten" as their top choice for the best miso-nikomi Udon!

Yamamoto-ya Honten is recognised for its famous udon, notably, the miso-nikomi udon.
The restaurant is close to 100 years old, hence its popularity with residents from Nagoya across all generations. No one in Nagoya will disregard its existence nor fame.
It was established in 1907 with customers who visit again and again just to enjoy its beloved miso-nikomi udon.
There is a perfectly good reason for its enduring legacy of over 100 years.
I will take some time to introduce some of its specialties now.

Recommended dish

Stewed miso udon noodles

Stewed miso udon noodles - ¥1,078 (including tax)

Yamamoto-ya Honten's signature dish, "Miso-nikomi Udon" has been developed with culinary precision. The noodles, soup stock, miso, and container all play a part to its exclusivity.

The noodles are first and foremost made by hand.
Secondly, the soup stock has been actually blended by a craftsman who has carefully selected the ingredients himself.
Next, the miso is brewed exclusively for Yamamoto-ya Honten and the bowl is a custom-made earthenware container (Donabe) that retains the original flavor of all the ingredients.

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Famous Ankake Spaghetti Restaurants

What is Ankake Spaghetti?



This dish is known as "Ankake Spaghetti"

Apparently, the owner himself has had no experience in cooking and yet, he created a recipe that has brought great reviews to a dish known as the Ankake Spaghetti.
He has indeed perfected this original recipe from scratch.
Today, the highly successful dish is well loved by everyone!

The Ankake Spaghetti seems to have made a stronger impact than the other specialty dishes or Nagoyameshi.
Surprisingly, at that time, the dish did not have a common name at all.
In fact, the owner concocted this name himself and now the "Ankake Spaghetti" is known for its originality and is raved about most widely. The name gained fame over the TV channels and perhaps, this contributed to the acknowledgement of a unique and original spaghetti dish now known as the famous Ankake Spaghetti.

It is also a popular story that the founder of Karametei, Mr. Shichi started his own restaurant with zero experience as a chef.
With no previous cooking experience whatsoever, he created the delicious tasting Ankake Spaghetti.

The owner of Karametei has not stopped since, actively and creatively developing new items regularly.
Hence, the grand menu is constantly updated with new dishes.
Customers visiting the restaurant can always look forward to trying out new and exciting dishes, and this has become a trademark of Karametei and the owner, always novel and always moving forward with the times.

Recommended dish

Karametei Spa(wieners, egg)

Karametei Spa(wieners, egg) - ¥693 (including tax)

The "Karametei Spa" is the restaurant's signature dish.
The toppings are actually very simple, consisting of an egg and a red sausage.
If you are fond of a spaghetti dish with a slightly starchy sauce, this is the best recommendation for you!

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Famous Curry Udon Restaurants

What is Curry Udon?



Hot curry noodles cooked in an earthenware pot or “donabe”

Usually, a bowl of curry udon in Japan is served in a regular bowl.
However, the dish of curry noodles at Syachi-ichi is cooked in an earthenware pot and served directly in a pot.

At Syachi-ihi, this particular bowl of hot curry "nikomi" udon is exceptionally delicious.

Recommended dish

Stewed Curry Udon

Stewed Curry Udon - ¥830 (including tax)

The result of this eclectic mix is a rich and flavourful curry roux that arouses you with its exotic spices and robust taste.

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Famous Miso Oden Restaurants

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Famous Tenmusu Restaurants

What is Tenmusu?

Tenmusu Senju

Tenmusu Senju

You can buy them at Centrair (Central Japan International Airport) and at the Osu Shopping Arcade!
Tenmusu is basically a miniature local gourmet food item.

“Tenmusu” is a popular Nagoya food item that is eaten when you are riding on the Shinkansen or bus. It can be packed and brought back to the hotel too.
The brand of “Tenmusu Senju" is popular for its delicious “Tenmusu”.
There are several stores located at the Osu shopping district which is also a popular tourist spot, and at Centrair, the international airport located in the Aichi Prefecture.

Recommended dish

Tenmusu from Senju

Tenmusu - ¥756 (including tax)

“Tenmusu” from Senju comes packed in a box of five small pieces, a perfect snack for those on the move.

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Famous Uirou Restaurants

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Famous Ebi Senbei Restaurants

What is Ebi Senbei?

Ebi Senbei no Sato

Ebi Senbei no Sato

“Ebi Senbei no Sato,” the most popular shrimp crackers with the most number of flavors!

These popular shrimp crackers from Nagoya known casually as “Ebi Senbei no Sato" are available in a wide variety of flavors.
Almost everyone from the Aichi Prefecture will promote the brand name of “Ebi Senbei no Sato”.
It is located in Centrair (Chubul Japan International Airport), the gateway to Nagoya by air, and also at the Nagoya Castle, a major tourist attraction, so do stop by if you are nearby!

Recommended dish


As I have mentioned, the multiple flavors are plenty but what is most interesting to note is the shape of each cracker.
You will notice that some of the crackers are formed with their shrimps kneaded within the crackers.
Some other crackers actually resemble the shape of an actual shrimp.
The range is varied, from plum, wasabi, curry, and many more other exciting flavors!
Fans of Ebi Senbei no Sato will definitely have their preferred choice of crackers!
In addition to shrimp, there are also crackers made with squid and octopus too!

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Famous Ebi Fry Restaurants

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