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Kishimen Restaurants
(Nagoya Local Food Specialities)

What is "Kishimen"?

Unlike regular Udon, ‘Kishimen’ is a flat type of Udon with a slippery and smoother texture.

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Three carefully selected restaurants! Famous Nagoya “Kishimen” Restaurants

Sohonke Ebisuya Honten

Sohonke Ebisuya Honten

Recommended dish


Kishimen - ¥800 (including tax)

At Ebisuya, the kishimen noodles are flat noodles which is only unique to Nagoya.
As you already know, these are handmade noodles made from scratch by the chef himself.
The soup stock is derived from a fish called “muroaji”, resulting in a recognisable flavour that belongs only to the region of Nagoya.


Top recommendations include both the kishimen and curry udon.
If you are dining in a company of three persons, it will be fun to share and experience both dishes together!

Showcasing handmade noodles by preserving tradition and legacies from the Edo period,

The most distinctive feature of the Ebisuya is the retention of traditional Nagoya noodle making methods and generational techniques.
Firstly, the handmade noodles are created by mixing wheat flour and salt water.
Secondly, the sauce is unique to Nagoya, a unique blend of "muroaji" broth and "tamari" soy sauce, made from soybeans.
Here you can enjoy specialty udon noodles, iconic to Nagoya.

Address3-20-7 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Opening Hours[Weekday]11:00~25:00 [Saturdays and holidays] 11:00~21:00
Regular HolidayEvery Sundays
AccessThe restaurant is easily accessible by foot via a 5-minute walk from Sakae Station on the Nagoya city Subway Higashiyama Line.
Credit cardNot available
E-moneyNot available
QR code paymentAvailable(PayPay, R-Pay, d払い, au pay)
Foreign language support Menus are available in each language, English, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese menus. Items such kishimen, zaru soba, curry udon and katsudon will be easily identified on the menus.
Cutlery The restaurant only provides chopsticks.
Smoking and Non-Smoking RoomsSmoking is strictly prohibited inside the restaurant
Number of Seats76(28 table seats, 48 tatami seats)
Wi-FiNot available
Parking A specialised parking space for diners is also available.
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We’ve selected three restaurants to introduce you to the best of each cuisine.

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