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Tenmusu Restaurants
(Nagoya Local Food Specialities)

What is "Tenmusu"?

Tenmusu is a delicious rice ball filled with shrimp tempura which is smaller than a regular rice ball and can be eaten cold.

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Three carefully selected restaurants! Famous Nagoya “Tenmusu” Restaurants


  1. Tenmusu Senju

Tenmusu Senju

Tenmusu Senju

Recommended dish

Tenmusu from Senju

Tenmusu - ¥756 (including tax)

“Tenmusu” from Senju comes packed in a box of five small pieces, a perfect snack for those on the move.


I would like to identify them as shrimp rice balls but they are simply too delicious that I have to find another most descriptive way of introducing them to you!
They seem to be rather well-liked by tourists too!

You can buy them at Centrair (Central Japan International Airport) and at the Osu Shopping Arcade!
Tenmusu is basically a miniature local gourmet food item.

“Tenmusu” is a popular Nagoya food item that is eaten when you are riding on the Shinkansen or bus. It can be packed and brought back to the hotel too.
The brand of “Tenmusu Senju" is popular for its delicious “Tenmusu”.
There are several stores located at the Osu shopping district which is also a popular tourist spot, and at Centrair, the international airport located in the Aichi Prefecture.

4-10-82 Osu,Naka-ku, Nagoya
Opening Hours8:30〜18:00
Regular HolidayTuesday and Wednesday
AccessThe restaurant is easily accessible by foot via a 3-minute walk from exit 10 of the Kamimaedu Station on the Nagoya city Subway Meijo Line.
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We’ve selected three restaurants to introduce you to the best of each cuisine.

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