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Osu Shopping District


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  • Osu Shopping District is the largest shopping arcade in Nagoya.
  • You’ll see all kinds of stores, restaurants and cafes from electronics to cosplay.
  • Stroll around and try some unique Osu food and enjoy the diversity.
The Osu Kannon (Japanese Buddhist deity)

A key symbol of Osu as well as popular tourist spot

The Osu Kannon is the symbol of Osu city. Situated at the Osu shopping district, a prime location, the beautiful temple has a picturesque façade, making it one of the most popular tourist spots for a perfect photo opportunity. Let us begin our tour, starting right here and discover this exciting shopping street together!

The Osu Shopping Arcade

Most Active Shopping Street In Nagoya

The Osu Shopping Arcade is the busiest and most active shopping street in Nagoya! There are close to 1,200 stores lining the street. Be captivated by the abundance of shops, restaurants, food stalls, supermarkets, gaming arcades and many others in this bustling street. It is a must-visit for tourists who will undoubtedly be fascinated by the variety of extensive variety of shops and be hyped up by the buzz! Come experience Nagoya up close and personal!

Shopping for good food in Nagoya!

Promoting Nagoya and its gastronomy to the world.

The Osu Shopping Street is the right place to sample everything! You can walk and eat at the same time, repeat this action over and over again until you are fully satisfied. Choose from a multitude of genres, Japanese, Chinese, Western and even sweets! Prices are reasonable and it is actually a fun way of tasting all kinds of exciting food options! Local delights from the established restaurants will entice you with their history and popularity while new trends showcased by modern restaurants can also ensure you enjoy a contemporary and creative gastronomic experience!

Souvenirs galore!

Many Attractive Souvenirs

There are plenty of options for tourists and locals alike. You can choose to shop for sweets and popular Nagoya souvenirs at Nagoya Station or you can find unusual memorabilia at Osu Shopping Street. Osu Shopping Street is a haven for knick knacks and a wide assortment of trinkets and fashionable items. Take your time and immerse yourself in this street that is alive and abuzz with excitement!


Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya
Access● Subway Tsurumai or Meijo line "Kamimaezu" Sta.
● Subway Tsurumai-line "Osu Kannon" Sta.
Opening HoursHours of operation may vary by each shop.
Regular HolidayHolidays vary by each shop.
ParkingParking lot for buses
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